I'd like to have all firefox installations I use synced. The "starting point" should be a specific firefox installation, from now called "Firefox A". Means: First, every firefox installation is like this installation "A", then everything I change at one installation is applied to all the others.

Multi-Account Containers Add-on Sync Feature - Mozilla Feb 06, 2020 How to use Firefox sync across different platforms | Viral How to arrange & use Firefox Sync in your PC 1] Click on the menu button on the top-right nook of the Firefox browser after which on “Sign in to Sync.” 2] If you have got already created an account from the primary machine, you possibly can sign-in together with your username and password, else you possibly can sign-up for a brand new account.

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Nov 12, 2016 Firefox Sync - Password lost/wrong but actually not? : firefox Hello! I want to add a third device to my Firefox Sync account. But supposedly, my password is wrong. Which I find consufing, since I did not really change it, I use autologin and under "saved password", I can see the password that is used to login. How can I sync my Firefox bookmarks to my Android phone? Dec 20, 2011 9 Ways to Sync Firefox and Chrome: Bookmarks, Passwords May 09, 2019