If your router permits you to log in, use "ping" or "ping6" and see if you can ping "ipv6.test-ipv6.com". Don't waste your time fixing computers until the router works! If you are using your Linux, BSD, Mac, or Windows box to "talk 6to4" specifically: Make sure your router is passing "protocol 41" to you.

IPv6 health check results | Mythic Beasts This test will pass if at least one of the listed MX servers has an IPv6 address. Mail server IPv6 connectivity. All IPv6 mail servers responded [ details] Checks that the mail servers found in the previous test are accepting SMTP connections on their IPv6 address. Free DNS Tools, Tests & Info | UltraTools Email Test RBL Database Lookup. IP Tools Decimal IP Calculator ASN Information CIDR/Netmask What's your IP IP Geo-location Lookup IPWHOIS Lookup. IPv6 Tools IPv4 to IPv6 Conversion IPv6 CIDR to Range Range to IPv6 CIDR IPv6 Compress IPv6 Expand IPv6 Info Local IPv6 Range Generator IPv6 … IPv6 test - IPv6 vs. IPv4 latency test On this page you can test the ping latency of your internet connection, and compare the performance of your IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. IPv6 Ping Online, IPv6 Ping Test | IPVoid

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Tools - IPv6 Address Validator What is an IPv6 address? An IPv6 address is an identification assigned to a computer host on the Internet. IPv6 is the version 6 of IP address standard. It uses 128 bits or 16 bytes to represent IP addresses. A 16-byte IPv6 address is normally represented hexadecimal digits and divided into 8 groups separated by colons (:). IPv6: Internet Protocol Version 6 - AT&T Support

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List of IPv6 Only Sites What. The sites below are reachable only via IPv6 - they have no IPv4 DNS Record at the time they were added. To add your site, use the form at the bottom of the page. Other IPv6 Resources. Why. Since Google is not indexing IPv6-only sites yet I thought it would be good to have a place to list them all. Don't. This isn't