3. If you know and trust the website you’re trying to access, turn off the CyberSec feature in the app settings and try again. If you can access the site with CyberSec off, please inform our customer support agents about it. 4. Your antivirus/firewall may be blocking the access. Yes, Facebook is up because I can access it via my cell phone. I'm not a tech but there are times certain tv tiers (several channels on one tier) go down for awhile, am wondering if this is the case now with certain internet sites. Jan 23, 2012 · Deedrio couldn't access a particular Web site that had never before been a problem, and turned to the Web Browsing and Email forum for help.. You've got two tasks here. First, you need to find a As of yesterday, I am unable to access certain websites through our new router-based wifi. Namely Nest.com, Amazon.com, and oddly enough, verizonwireless.com. I am asking this question via our old wifi and the MiFi Jetpack, which still works fine. I can use Google just fine on the new wifi. Where do I begin to fix this problem? For instructions on how to configure some programs, read Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet. System time is incorrect. Make sure your system's date, time and timezone settings are configured correctly. Firefox may have issues validating the website's security certificate if the date/time is incorrect. DNS cache Aug 14, 2019 · Can't connect to secure sites with ANY browser or app in Network and Sharing OK, I'm on the second day of this. I CANNOT connect to any secure site, nor can the built-in stuff like signing into my Microsoft account, using the Media Creation Tool or anything that would go through an HTTPS connection. Can't access specific site on Comcast, but can on ATT / Verizon / TimeWarner I'm trying to access a specific website but for a few days at a time, I can't connect to it. I've verified this site is online & functioning propertly to me there's an issue within comcast's network where a router is simply dropping the request.

If “certain sites” are sites that others might find objectionable, it’s possible that there’s a content filter in place; either on your computer or on some equipment between it and the internet. Libraries often use this type of technology to prevent minors from accessing pornographic web sites.

Sep 27, 2019 · Once the Compatibility View Settings window is up, go to the Add this Website area, then submit the URL of the affected website. Click Add. Click Close to exit the window. Fixes for Microsoft Edge. Now, what if Microsoft Edge could not access a certain website? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Jan 24, 2017 · Question: Q: iPad can't access certain sites I'm starting a new thread as I prematurely marked the last one as solved when it's not, plus I have new information. On my iPad, Safari is working fine for nearly all sites except that, for facebook.com, linkedin.com, pinterest.com and tumblr.com, I get "Safari cannot open the page because the server So I did the hard reset by pressing the button behind and no change in my network access. Still can't load certain websites Amazon.com for example. I can't even sync my one drive either lol. This is getting quite annoying to be honest. Hi, I installed Norton Internet security 2009 today on a new computer. It installed fine and is scanning. Problem is, I can't access hotmail, scotiabank and other sites. I can get on Facebook, but can't use any applications there. When I try to use these websites I get a blank white page with "done" on the toolbar on the bottom.