Nazi Germany is probably the most well-known, 20th century, case of mass censorship. The custom of mass book burnings and persecution of people with ideas that did not agree with Nazi philosophy first began on April 6, 1933 with a proclamation released by the German Students Association for Press and Propaganda.

Internet Censorship Is Only for the Little People, French Apr 11, 2019 The dangerous liberal ideas for censorship in the United Censorship works in a country much like the coronavirus. Initially, you feel better from silencing those views that you consider lies. Then comes the crash as others demand more and more

Infographic: A Map of Internet Censorship Around the World

Germany and the perils of online censorship. Germany to see the threat posed to free speech by such demands, and the chaos caused by the imposition of new forms of internet censorship. For Infographic: A Map of Internet Censorship Around the World

Jan 31, 2018 · All of a sudden you see that censorship is what’s being advocated. I remember a literal chilling feeling.” Carr thinks protecting political dissent on the internet is ultimately to the benefit of government. “We have to leave ample room for opposing viewpoints on the internet,” he said.

News Russia's internet law a 'new level' of censorship: RSF. Authorities in Russia now have the power to disconnect users from the global internet in line with a controversial new law. TV CENSORSHIP COMES TO AN END IN EAST GERMANY - Sun … Censorship was taken even a step further last year when five Soviet films were removed from East German screens. Glasnost had simply gone too far for the now-deposed government of Erich Honeker. VT Germany: Collapse of Germany’s Press – Censorship and VT Germany: German newspapers and magazines like The Spiegel and The Focus are working full time since 2016 to translate and squeeze news from CNN and many other US outlets. Often they are more occupied by their attempts to simply change the whole meaning of substance of the specific articles. They also are in a constant habit to never speak about their sources. Killing Free Speech in France, Germany and on the Internet Aug 08, 2019